Prayer Circle for a Friend – LuRain Asks for help


Please keep our friend Bill in your prayers.

He takes care of the pool where Cody loved to swim.

Going in for surgery soon.

Healing thoughts are honey on the soul.

Together we create Miracle.

This I believe.

Love, LuRain







2 thoughts on “Prayer Circle for a Friend – LuRain Asks for help

  1. I remember you loved your/others/all dogs. But I don’t remember the whens and the names of your dogs. Could you remind me. I finally had a dog come into my life about 17 years ago. She was the most beautiful creature, a doggess, a goddess. I named her Starry Night, but she went by Smokey Joe.

  2. Ms. Milne,
    Does past tense mean your doggess passed on? I’m glad you had the chance to love a dog. They are the most loyal, loving beings in the Universe.
    Our Cody was the only dog I ever lived around and he was truly a gentleman. The lady I live with is just an animal magnet – including insects! Almost everyday – some kind of strange creature come in for a visit or to be mended. She calls them “inter-species relationships” and she has a lot of them.
    Bugs creep ME out!
    So glad you found us, Ms Milne!
    All the Best,

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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