Margaret Moth :: Tribute from LuRain Penny & Codifyer

 We was in the car when we heard over the radio, Margaret Moth had died.

Neither the lady I live with or me knew nothing about  this remarkable woman.

 Said curiosity compelled her to seek Adventure.

She really lived fast & furious.

Filmed some of the worst human behaviour ever been on this Planet.

Both collegues and competition marvelled at her courage.

A Champion.

When she took a bullet to the face in Snipers Alley, Sarajevo –

kept the camera rolling .

After years of painful surgery – went back.

She joked – to find her missing teeth.

Often the only journalist standing while the guns were firing or the troops marching in.

Slapped one of Saddamn’s Imperial Guard for laying hands on her in public.

The Lady had guts.


The PBS interview was recorded a few months ago.

Diagnosed with cancer – she went into hospice.

She had such dignity – who could help but be amazed of the bravery?

On to the next adventure!

I know she went in peace.

Her possibilities now endless.

There’s many ways to live or die.

Margaret Gypsy Moth made hard look easy.




Thanks to know you at last, dear.






artwork by codifyer





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