Prayer Circle for our Beloved Planet – LuRain believes together We create Miracle

Time to put our collective minds together.

We need to heal our precious Mother so defiled by our selfisness and greed.

In order to have a better future – we must envision it and believe absolutely in its arrival.

Direct our thoughts to something greater than ourselves.

As above so below.

The Maker needs our help.

This is the mystery and the solution.

We get what we focus on.

See our World washed clean of contamination.

In every action be harmless and blameless.

Time will come when thinking about the Planet be the only thing we do.

This is the day.



Be Aware.







artwork by codifyer





3 thoughts on “Prayer Circle for our Beloved Planet – LuRain believes together We create Miracle

  1. Quantum Physics has demonstrated the observer effects the experiment – we have the power of mind – that is mystery & solution – too much credit paid to material things – we lost the knack. Do I believe that we can change reality with our minds? Absolutely – I have done it myself – it is an inherent gift. Don’t pay no mind to politics – nothing ‘paranormal’ about putting your mind to something and making it happen. Science proves Magic. Only the names have changed to protect those killed for dogma.
    Humans have a miserable track record. It is entirely up to the person how they use what abilities given them. God or No God – as the Buddha said – acting right is right.
    Our Planet is suffering – what can you or I do but take oursleves off the center of our attention and put some of the energy we contain towards envisioning a better world? We are not helpless as the advertizers & politicians would like you to believe. They need to believe that -so you keep shopping and wasting your life supporting their distorted way of being. This is your Life – you choose how to live it – if you want change – Be Changed!
    Love, LuRain x

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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