Spreading the wealth vs. Trickle down – LuRain weighs in



 When I saw the picture of this little boy, I promised him I would do what I could to help him.

He lives in my mind daily.

During the last gasp of the election, I heard a McCain spokes-mouth on the PBS.

She said Mr. Obama’s economic plan was like, “stiffing the waitress to tip the homeless man.”

I was flabbergasted.

The bad rap that ‘spreading the wealth around’ is getting makes me very sad.

The fact is that ‘trickle down’ is not generosity or fairness.

You notice, the term is not ‘flow down’.

Trickle – as in while they enjoying the pool, you lucky to get wet.

It is a demeaning concept and a crueler reality.

But such is the case with hierarchical structures.

Those closer to the top claim the right of entitlement and superiority.

The real change we need is an end to the greed that has made history an embarrassment.

Until humans commit to a greater good, no political or economic system yet contrived by man will be successful.

Without caring, there is no sharing.


A righteous revolution would be to skip dessert, give the waitress the remuneration she deserves, and still have enough for a charitable act.

Change of heart cannot be legislated.

It follows change of mind.


Be aware.

Take care out there.











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