How I stopped worrying by switching the damn thing off – LuRain Penny




When the tv went to HD, we refused to play or pay.

For the past 2 years we’ve been stocking up;

a whole collection of Perry Mason, plenty of History Channel programs to look at, free cartoons & movies on YouTube.

Proud to say we’ve never seen any of the current shows, and none the worse for it.

We get our news from the Wild Wild Web, preferring the BBC to ABC, & get more updates of around the World from our Twitter friends than we ever heard about on the ‘straight’ news.

We pick and choose what we want to take in.

We’ve not viewed the World much through the distorted network lens since the night Obama was elected.

If we do happen to get a glimpse, it always the same shit, week after week.

Who needs it?

Since not burdened with constant harangue of commercials following tragic news, I been in much better humor.


From the beginning of time, the hierarchical structures have used entertainment to control the masses.

It is only one of the tricks of their trade.

Take an opportunity to extracate yourself from their spirit numbing distraction.

You ain’t going to die.

Life went on for thousands of years before TV and will go into the future if they all went black tomorrow.

Free your mind.

Create your own Reality.

That’ll teach them.


Thanks for letting me convey.






artwork by codifyer





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