Flowers for Japan :: Prayer Petals from Miss Penny




There is so much suffering on our beloved Planet.

Please join in combining healing energy to all sentient beings afflicted by the devastation in Japan.

Wrap them in fast threads of Love & Light.

Give each the benefit of your strength & faith in their recovery toward well-being.

Collective intention is essential for the survival of our World.

Together we create Miracle.



Be Aware.

I thank you & hold you in my heart.





artwork by Codifyer



13 thoughts on “Flowers for Japan :: Prayer Petals from Miss Penny

  1. You truly are at one with god Lurain penny. Most people cannot see out of the square, of their own lives . Let us all remember that the universe is (uni) “one” with god also .
    The “one” who is the many, in every blade of grass and every tree can be found, Gods great diversity…

  2. Incredibly beautiful and touching…your skills always delight me even in sad times.

  3. It is the inspiration of your generous nature which makes me extend beyond myself!
    Thank you for friendship, Barbara.
    LuRain & Codifyer

  4. May the well being of all living creatures of Japan have peace and comfort. They will overcome all that may seem impossible. Thank you for sharing this my friend

  5. Again , your graciousness & over flowing love astounds me.
    Thanks for being you, Lily.
    Hugs to you, hubby & babes.
    LuRain & Codifyer

  6. Hi LuRain;

    Sorry about the delay, but late is better than never. 🙂

    It saddens me to see so many suffering and facing the challenges that nature and mankind can unleash on humanity.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those who are affected.

  7. Thanks for your healing thoughts, dear.
    It saddens us all – but we can make a better World by changing ourselves & helping each other!

  8. Such present,loving hands that post such beauty.
    lovelovelove (times 3…)

    Let mother earth and father sky, let Winds of the North, the East, the South, and the West all rise, let all our energies combine and let us vanquish all that is awry! Blessings to Japan and all affected by this nuclear disaster. Pray, sing, dance, meditate, envision!

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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