Old Women with Rolling Pins should Rule the World by LuRain Penny


The news is bad.

How did everything get so fucked up?

In a word – greed.

Stealing pie while not giving a slice away.


During the Great Depression, the banks took the farmers homes and lands, put folks out on the street.

We kept what we earned in a sock or sewed it into our clothes to keep it away from them.

It was the only way we knew what we had.

We spent what was on us.

Nobody who didn’t want to end up dead borrowed no money.

Banks got everybody thinking they doing us a favor to hold our hard earned for us.

We are what keeps them in business.

Don’t ever forget that!!


This whole society is a mirage, fabricated by those in power.

They tell you to spend, then berate you for not saving.

When you save, they freak out because this whole ship floats on consumption.

The media spins a whirling mass of contradiction – deliberately to keep us confused and off balance.

 Capitalism is dog eat dog.

We got to take back our authority.


Times of trouble bring out the creative side of humanity.

It has always been so.

Necessity being the Mother of All Invention.

Women need more control over what going on.

We know how to get something from nothing.

Been expert at it since the caveman hauled in the first dead animal.

We fed and clothed the whole tribe.

Still had enough bone left over to invent buttons.


My advice:

 Stop listening to the news!

Don’t let depressive energy into your house.

Pick and choose what you want to take in.

Forge ahead without their influence.

Your life is personal.

Take it that way.


Think for yourself.

This is easier if you stop letting others do the thinking for you.

Many times in history, shit has left the fan.

In the midst of chaos, folks have to fight or flee.

Life has a way of bringing us lessons we need to learn.

Use your intelligence to get  out of any disaster set against us.

Believe in your innate ability to thrive while surviving.


 Project outward.

It is going to take reversing the selfish element in our DNA.

Concern for others takes pressure off your nature.

Allows you to realize what you have to be grateful for.

Put yourself in others shoes.

Help your neighbours.

Feed the birds.

Revel in the great works of the Maker.

Be thankful for what you got.

Cultivate luck by making connections.

What go around, come around.


Be original.

Come up with new different ways of doing your business, your household, your art.

Nothing is written in stone.

Forgo patterned habits.

Change behaviour.

Approach challenge as an opportunity.

When there was no light on at night –

Humans could see in the dark.


Stay optimistic.

We can all get through this if we pull together.

No boat stays afloat if the rowers at odds.

Want something more than your own comfort.

Share, care and be aware.

The Spirit cannot be filled by material things.

It needs to be infused with Light to feel whole.

That is still free.

Can we take back our power?

What do you think?

Love, LuRain










Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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