The Myth of Entitlement by LuRain Penny




What brings me to the pulpit this day, is the overweening sense of entitlement, I witness in a large portion of our citizenry.

It governs behaviour and is taking our planet down a path of mutual destruction.

The word entitled is Medieval. That means it been around a long time.

It originally came from a boon granted by Kings or landowners to chosen favorites.

 It was an honorary position; allowing certain rights by which the individual was uplifted from the clutch of society to the rarefied heights of acknowledgement.

In America nowadays, it refers to certain government programs giving persons who cannot otherwise afford them opportunities for medical or child care and such.

 This term has gotten short shrift lately, as it is assumed by many that those who receive entitlements are naturally undeserving.

My connotation of entitlement is arrogance of manner.

It is granted by no one and nothing.

It is assumed.


The sight and smell of it are unmistakable.

It is pulled up with the trousers  every morning by some –  sprayed on as perfume by others.

 A Beemer who runs you off the road, because being more expensive, it has the right of way. The CEO of a bank receiving public funds who gives himself a 40 million dollar thank you.

Top models who throws cell phones and punch stewardei. Even the person who sails through a door in front of you to let it slam in your face.

Entitlement is assumed by Christians, White Supremacists, Maoists and Muslims; anyone who would sacrifice you as unworthy of  life to their beliefs.

Women who are exceptionally beautiful feel it, and expect you to admire them for it, as does anyone with abnormally white teeth.

Talented folks display a remarkable affinity for a sense of entitlement, as well as the highly intelligent and the horrendously depraved.

This arching sense of superiority provides the perfect psychological/emotional matrix to justify child abuse, cruelity to animals, slavery, and racism.

It is practiced by governments & corporations who are willing to go to any extreme to protect their interests, as entitlement sanctions manipulation of the truth, suppression of freedom and mass murder.

It is an ugly reflection of Homo Sapien evolution with zero redeeming value.

It seeks division and imbalance.

As a personality structure, it is more and more prevalent.

Replacing courtesy as social currency.


Today a good friend of mine gave me a wonderful piece of advice.

Keeping this thought in mind makes it virtually impossible to treat anything in an off hand, dismissive manner.

These words can be embraced and honored regardless of religious or political affiliation, by persons of any age and race.

3 little syllables which resonate in any language.

The highest attainment of consciousness.

A Golden Rule older than Time itself; whose adherence brings peace, patience, protection, and pardon.

Come from Love.


What have we got to lose?

You tell me.






Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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