LuRain Penny – The Road is the Journey



I could tell you stories from what I seen of this World make your curlies que.

We in for more calamity, cuz Homo Sapiens won’t budge from their selfish ways.

Righteous anger is one thing.

 I just can’t abide blanket negativism.

Be no point to go on.

Whatever happens I got my own perspective, my little spark of the Maker.

Won’t soot that by drear thinking.

Yes, things is bad. Always have been.

History is an embarrassment.

In the eye of every storm has existed tremendous love, sacrifice, honor, dignity, enlightenment, achievement, artistic expression, invention.


The whole of material ‘reality’ is a Lesson Place.

While it appears to be a group effort, the lessons are really only our own to learn individually.

Can’t be waiting for anyone else to change their ways, if we stuck in repeated behaviours.

The true revolution is the quiet one that takes place in the Heart.

Where blaming and accusing are replaced with loving action, regardless of which way the wind blow.

This isn’t easy. We taught Life is fixed to physicality.

The more we consume of it, the more we allow it to influence our habits, the more we shape our tastes or judgements around it – the less of ourselves we know; till we convinced of the delusion and can’t conceive of any other way of being.


It is completely within our ability to perform Miracle.

Don’t let nobody tell you different.

It takes the realization that though we experiencing a collective consciousness, we not bound by it.

Depression is comfortable.

Takes effort to reverse the DNA.

Whenever possible, step away from the things which trigger reaction. Limit exposure to bad news, toxic people, poisonous intakes, defeatist thinking.

Be your own monastery.

Contemplate the Natural World – all them bugs, birds and beasts got no inkling of Evil.

Bask in their innocence.

Though we have made this planet suffer from our greed and harm, many of its creatures hold no grudge.

Observe their industry. Heed their counsel.

 Be reminded of our tiny place in the vast imagination of Creation.

See all the molecules dancing.

Change of Heart follows change of Mind.

Share, Care and Be Aware.

What do you think?




artwork by Codifyer



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