NO 2 GMO’s!! Miss Penny gags!



Big Pharma that mushroom cloud sitting over our health & well-being is making a concerted effort to erode your right to self-heal using foods & herbs.

What is behind the rush to alter the DNA of everything that they and Big Agra are racing towards?

Are they preparing for Global annihilation – from which they intend to emerge in full control of the future diversity of the Planet? 

Interesting to note Bill Gates, DuPont & Monsanto are busily stashing away all sorts of seeds in their Doomsday vault in Norway.

Especially organic!

What do they know they not telling us about their own products?

Hard to understand what motivates corporations who have only their own interests at heart.

Suffice to say – they’ve made their plans clear.

Those who refuse to eat their altered foods & animals, take their unproven side affect laden drugs, resist their heavy handed business tactics, or insist on our right to self heal without undue restriction & interference; must recognize the threat they pose immediately.

Time is now to investigate & decide for yourself how it will affect you.


Start saving organic seeds & herbs.

 Keep them dry in brown glass jars away from light.

Even if you can only afford a few at a time – it should be part of your food budget to purchase them as often as you can.

Refuse GMO’s whenever you can!

 Lobby businesses you deal with like Whole Foods to demand labeling of all modified products!


Corporations are the new Big Brother.

They have muscled their way into our very bodies.

They will not stop.

Domination is their business plan.

We must protect ourselves.

Any ideas on how to do this?



Be Aware.






artwork by Codifyer





9 thoughts on “NO 2 GMO’s!! Miss Penny gags!

  1. Hi LuRain;

    Big bro comes in many forms, from corporate CEO and management to government and the FDA which is complicate in many decisions.

    From outlawing marijuana and cocaine to save lives they opened up a war which kills many more than the drugs.

    Now they are playing genetic “Papa” with our foods.

    They like playing “God” with the rest of us. One day the sheep will bare wolf’s fangs and those who play “God” will feel their anger.

  2. I think they fear a global meltdown & want to be safe in the bunker with their seeds of the future, ready to re populate the Planet with their own DNA. Experimenting on us is a way to figure long term effects, while raking in enough gold dubloons to keep their supremancy assured. Fie on them, a plague on their houses! As you say – what they will get is a shooting match – resulting in generalized culling. Emergency kits by the door, folks!

  3. lurain i really hope it doesnt come to civil war/violence because they would simply use that as an excuse to persuade many we need to remove more liberty in order to protect the nation (ie: them not us) & frankly they have the stronger hand. i think the best solution is eduction (ie: dont trust the gov/media/big corporations) and simply pulling out of the system, spending money on local/sustainable/ethical things & maybe even mass peaceful disobedience? the problem right now is the sleeping masses who simply arent paying attention or are too apathetic to realize whats happening.

  4. You are right of course – refusing to contribute to a corrupt system is the more reasoned option. However, I fear that humanity is begging for some sort of calamity to redress the balance – no pain no gain, ain’t that what they say? Won’t be civil & it will be global. Best we can do is, as Pythagorus cautioned – Prepare as if anything is possible. Thanks buddy – xxx

  5. You are a revolutionary artist, thinker and motivator! Bravo and I concur.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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