Solace for the Soul from LuRain



How often do we tell the Sky we love it?

Or whispered to a stream our pleasure in it’s cool relief and bubble?

When we gaze up to the night Stars – do we thank them for guiding our path?

Or kiss the Wind as it passes us?


I have always wondered if a person has any inkling on the day they die.

Or whether had they paid attention to their intuition, could change the possible future?

Never miss an opportunity to voice how much we value Life.

 Immortality is what we leave behind

Our children, our good acts, our luminous energy.


Our World is a shared experience, but each life is singular in preception.

A melding of collective intention could transform our Planet in a twinkling.

Takes a long time to heal after death.
Best to heal before we go.

Change of Heart follows change of Mind.
Be Grateful.

Then spread some honey.

I love you,




artwork by Codifyer 





Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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