This Penny Refuses to Drop

LuRain Penny

Singer, songwriter, performer


A childhood complicated by abandonment and poverty,

she survived The Great Depression.

During the WWII, she knew a sense of purpose in community.

She loved the 1940’s

Everything fell apart at the Peace.


She drifted the Country,

singing in small road-side taverns and dead dive bars.

Sometime during the 60’s, last seen in San Francisco, she disappeared.

No trace of her for almost 20 years.

When she finally turned up,

she’d lost her name and most past.


A little Theatre troupe needing a singer took her on.

One by one, the audiences wooed her.

Her confidence grew as did her performances.

The thespians got themselves to NYC.


By 1988,

LuRain Penny was the longest cabaret act at that time in the City.

A Comeback from Nowhere.

Winner of the MAC Award for best show.

The NY Times called her ‘feisty’ and Backstage – “genius”.

She had played all the clubs; Top of the Gate to the Bottom Line.

LuRain opened for Ray Charles, Dr. Billy Taylor, and Taj Mahal, among others.

The troupe took over a small building of its own on the West Coast.

Miss Penny’s name up in lights.


Her health, was never robust.

The physical effort of performing nightly wore her down.

She suffered a ‘tiny stroke’.

Sidelined from live work .

An avid interest in all things technologic sustained her through this period;

most especially her many friends on Twitter.


Now into her “Second Coming”,

LuRain performed in a university club in Vegas,

and continues to dictate her autobiography,


made up from what she can’t remember.

“Ain’t fiction what story telling is?” she opines.


Her dedication to animal rights, ending child abuse & water conservation, keeps her current & relevant.

LuRain Penny is self healing incarnate.

More than you know!



Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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