Prayer Circle for Linda :: LuRain asks for Healing Energy

We have a request for another circle of loving energy.
Send  healing thoughts to Linda.
She is 75 years old, and she lives in south-central Ohio.
Diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, Linda had a complete mastectomy.
She’s now in her 2nd or 3rd month of chemo, to prevent the return of the cancer.
Linda is pretty miserable. Her daughter says her spirit is sinking and she feels like she’s just fading away at times.
She described it as ‘like looking through the wrong end of binoculars, which makes everything seem far away’.
Focused attention and intent is powerful.
Spend a minute thinking about another Humane Being who needs our sympathy & Love.
We’ll all be better for the giving.
Together we create Miracle.
Have faith in us!
Thank you,

artwork by Mona


10 thoughts on “Prayer Circle for Linda :: LuRain asks for Healing Energy

  1. Understanding Linda’s feelings but also know the light will soon reach her and she will feel the joy she is meant to feel very soon.

  2. Sending my best wishes for Linda and her family to have strength to guide them through these difficult days and into a brighter future together of health and wellness.

  3. Thinking of you today Linda
    ,Having been there myself, and still healing. I took a different path, and that is one of personal choice. As any cancer is a personal journey for each individual….There’s still more for you to do, you are still here….wanted to suggest a couple of supplements that do not interfere with treatment… Look into Maitake D fraction.( Chinese mushroom) really inexpensive @, ordered online from Healthfood stores cost is like 2x as much.. for a 120ml liquid form it’s around 40.00@ lucky vitamins. IP6 can be purchsed there too. , in the stores about $60-80.00… It boosts the immune system and it helps chemo. even be most/ more effective. Great info. about this @ Wikepdia…………. Also IP6 INositol another immune system builder. Drinking liquid chlorophyll a few times per day keeps the body ph alkaline… Cancer cannot thrive in a alkaline environment…. acidic body chemistry is a welcoming environment for cancer. I went to 3-4 holistic Dr.s & learned alot, quickly.. Because I could not continue to afford them.. It cost me $ 5,000 for about 4-5 treatments.

    I wish to share what I know with those in need, for I hate to see people suffer…………..Diet is very important at this time, avoid sugar as much as possible,,,,,,,,,,,some m.d.s will say sugar is no problem but when you ask them why do you use glucose for a pet scan ???(Tumors suck up glucose, and that’s why they stand out on pet scans, you are injected with glucose) If there is no problem with sugar intake.???..seems to be no real response from them.(dr.s)

    try to eat as nourishing as you are able to… lots of greens to keep ph high…..most important???? thoughts/ attitude,,,, Our bodies respond to how/ what we are feeling / thinking… Focus on the Victory,,,,,,I will have you in my prayers,

    Whey protein powder will help maintain muscle, Love,
    Ensure and all of that, really isn’t good, alot of artificial junk in it. Madelynn

  4. This is terrific advice, Madelyn!
    Wonderful of you to take the time to share it.
    I’m making sure it gets to Linda.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Dear Linda ~ You have made the courageous decision to fight for your life and to return to the vibrant good health that you previously enjoyed. I know the struggle is difficult and that it must feel overwhelming at times. Please know that there are many of us who think of you daily, we send our prayers, our healing thoughts and our sincere wishes for your successful journey through this ordeal to a complete recovery. I visualize you sitting in your garden, with your favorite beverage, enjoying your hummingbirds. May a peaceful, healing energy surround and protect you during this journey. ~Mona

  6. I envision the same for you, Linda – though in my dream I’m there having a bev with you & there are dragonflies among the hummingbirds!
    Hugs, Lurain x

  7. Love, light and healing are coming your way Linda; all the way from sunny, spring-swept Brisbane, Australia!
    I’m holding you and your beloved ones in my heart.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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