Emergency Paw Circle – Please Help


We have need of your loving energy!

Fox is a 14 year old Siamese kitty.

Rescued from the street when he was a baby, after he’d been hit by a car.

Given a second chance of Life by his loving parents, Mike & Darcy.

Now Fox has lymphoma.

Having a tough time.

Can you spare a minute to put attention to Fox & his people?

They just lost their loving dog, Simba a few weeks ago.

This is a double blow.

Send them all the empathetic love you got.

Everybody hurts.

If we all help, we can make our World better.

And create Miracle!

Thank you!






13 thoughts on “Emergency Paw Circle – Please Help

  1. Thank you, sweet friend! You care so deeply about all the babes. We pray daily for your health & wellness. Love to you & your little family,
    LuRain & codifyer

  2. All positive & good thoughts-sending special
    Furkid love to sweet boy Fox. Sorry for the loss of your Simba.

  3. Your comment shows you for the caring person you are, dearheart. i’m sure Mike & Darcy are feeling your energy.
    Thank you!

  4. I am sorry for your loss of Simba and just sent some healing to Fox. I wish little Fox the best. Please know 100% that animals have souls just like us and that we do get reunited with our beloved pets on the Other Side when it is our time to cross over. I’m sure Simba is also trying to help your kitty. Blessings…..Atheria

  5. Fox is still eating He is not in pain He is weaker but rests peacefully We pet him a lot and we tell him stories of his time with us He sleeps with two other of our cats on the couch and seems to like them being with him His preparation for his journey is nearly done His task of bringing us joy and happiness is complete and his life force is about ready to move on
    Darcy and I wanted to thank all of you for caring about Fox and sharing your thoughts for him

  6. Our hearts are with you, Mike & Darcy. We pray that Fox finds his way out peacefully & back in your arms again soon.
    LuRain & codifyer

  7. Fox feels the love and healing energy you all have sent He is able to eat and drink a little He still uses the cat box and he grooms himself He does not seem in pain and he responds when we pet him He is teaching me about caring for a life other then my own It is a important and beautiful gift he gives me
    Thank you all for helping me bear the burden of losing such a good cat

  8. Fox passed into his eternal rest in the arms of those who loved him and in the kindness of all those who thought of him in the paw circle The outpouring of kindness for a dying cat makes my wife and I better people and eases the deep pain of loss we feel
    We want to thank each person and want you to know your thoughts made a real difference in Fox’s passing

  9. Glad to know he was at peace in the end & with you. You gave him love & Life.
    Hugs to Darcy & your other babes.
    LuRain & codifyer xxx

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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