Emergency Pawcircle for Senge – Please help!



Open you hearts & send healing energy to Senge & his loving Mom.

Bring them both comfort & whatever material assistence you can.

Here is a little about him in his Moms words:

Senge and his sister came to me from the Human Society when they were 10 weeks old.

That was 13 years ago. He’s been the LOL (love of my life) and now he’s really sick.

He became incontinent and through a series of tests we’ve discovered he has bladder cancer and the spleen and prostate are also a problem.

The cancer is too extensive for surgery so we’ve begun chemo.

At this point I’m going on a wing and a prayer.

I just want him to be comfortable and out of pain. 


So here’s my prayer… will you pray for my little guy?

Any and all help is appreciated.

Even coming to this page means a lot to me.

Thank you,



Please help this little family.

Let your best intentions flow towards them – flooding them with

endurance & peace.

There’s so much suffering on our Beloved Planet.

Every bit we can aid benefits us all.

Together We Create Miracle.







4 thoughts on “Emergency Pawcircle for Senge – Please help!

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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