Valentine Bouquet for You from LuRain

I send to all of you much Love & appreciation, today & everyday.
My affectionate energy goes out most especially to those who suffer, are lost or lonely.
Believe, I have often been where you are. I know what you going through.
Reach out to others, share your burden to lighten it.

Take care.
Take Heart.

For those of us lucky in Love, health & family – let us extend to them less fortunate.
It is through mutual support that we as a Planet will finally evolve.



Be Aware.

My faith in you is without limit.

In gratitude for all you do,




artwork by Codifyer



4 thoughts on “Valentine Bouquet for You from LuRain

  1. Beautiful-thank you so very much. Many thanks and hugs for all you do for others! Hope you V-day was extra special! ❤

  2. It was! Thanks to all of you! I admire your dedication & energy to helping our anipals so much.
    You are one of the HUMANE BEINGS! The World needs your kind of love.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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