To all those who pray for Lennox by LuRain Penny


I’m sure the Barnes family is fed up with the courts.

Their battle to free Lennox has been grueling, even for those of us watching from a distance.

But were it me, I’d demand an inquiry into his treatment by the Belfast City Council & sue them.

For wrongful arrest. Theft of affection. Denial of property.

Unlawful detainment. Cover up.

The warden who first claimed Lennox a ‘danger’ is shown in photos kissing him.

The licence issued by the City government declared him a bulldog not a pit.

The City Council has not provided Proof of Life, pics of his condition, vet reports, nor any other assurances he is still alive and well.

Their refusal to re-home him suggests they are protecting their legal ass because their have been derelict in their duty & fear reprisal.

An inquiry should be immediately commenced.


This is not just a story of a family dog.

It’s a revelation of the extent of Government control over our lives & the lives of our children, our pets & our property.

Also a despicable reminder that Homo Sapiens are needlessly cruel, deliberately stupid & zealously selfish.

Everyday on this Planet, millions of animals are abused.

By their owners, by Big Pharma & Big Agra.

The populace has turned a blind eye to this, because we have sacrificed everything for convenience.

It doesn’t stop there.

Women are targets of horrendous brutality.

Children the victims of adult depravity.

Does it not strike you that ‘humanity’ has not progressed much out of barbaric behaviour?


The shame of it is, we feel so helpless to combat these evils.

Especially when the courts, & governments support the wealthy & powerful over the those less able to fend for themselves.

It has always been so & will be so, until Homo Sapiens commit to a greater good.


I for one, am tired of waiting for them.

Consciously, I’ve orphaned myself from their species.

I’ve battled their influence & the tug of my own genetic material to create within myself the integrity of a new creation.


I’m not perfect. I still err & struggle.

But will never go back to being one of ‘them’.

We who realize that without tremendous effort, our Planet is doomed to drown in its own greed, must take a stand in opposition to the prevailing trend.

We must make a determined intention of helping wherever we can.

Teach the children the folly of the old way.

Carve out community of like-minded Souls, band together for information & protection.

Find a new path for at least some of us to tread.


My prayers are with all who suffer.

May relief find you soon.

I hope this reality is not the only one there is.

And we may be together as living beings somewhere beautiful someday.






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