LuRain Penny – A Woman’s Guide to Watering


(Originally posted in 2010 – now we in the worst drought since the 50’s.)

A WorldWide Water Crisis Is Looming!

Water more precious than oil.

Look at the sprinklers everywhere – spouting over the grass.

 We water like we was expecting Esther Williams to rise from the mist. 

The waste, shooting it into the hot air, is tremendous. 

That is the way a man waters.

Out and as far as he can. 

All them spigots need to be repositioned.

No long thin streams, but low to the ground and wide as possible. 

Get the picture? 

What you giving is a drink not a dusting. 

They need it at their roots. 

Water on your haunches.

Get down where they grow.

When you water, put it in the earth not the air. 

That’s how a woman does it.

Much sexier, huh?


Drip systems and hoses are the smartest choices – especially in hot climates like here in the desert.

There also watering bags which release the water slowly around trees.

Rain barrels in wet climates should be essential like in the ‘old days’.

 We been doing things ass backward for so long on this planet, the piper come for his pay. 

Life is changing. We all must get ready.

In this time period, everybody firmly plugged in to feed the machinery. 

The trick is perpetual distraction.  

The seriousness of the worldwide problem hasn’t sunk in.

We have to focus real hard to notice something greater than ourselves.

 Human beings hold off until the last minute to do almost everything.

Late and short when shit leaves the fan. 

We have a chance to be prepared before the dawn’s on us. 

May come, when thinking about the planet the only thing we do. 

This is the day! 

Share, care, and be aware.

Thanks for your attention. 





photography by Codifyer


2 thoughts on “LuRain Penny – A Woman’s Guide to Watering

  1. Is that codifyer water art? Holy moisture! When I was young, peeing used to feel like that looks; fast and satisfying!
    When I was a little older my first ‘time’ felt like that looks, big wet and supersized. Thank God for #2 and counting ’cause I’m not a good swimmer…

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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