Romney & GOP Nativism :: An opinion by LuRain Penny

Mr. Romney,

Where’s the outrage? Where’s your condemnation?

The RNC has had 2 publicly covered exhibitions of nativism without a word from you.

First, the Puerto Rico delegation suffered through chants of USA USA, as if they are not part of this country.

Then, 2 ‘attendees’ threw peanuts at a CNN worker, who is female & Black, shouting

“This is how we feed the animals.”

How can another minute go by without you standing up for equality & justice, and opposing hate?

Unless you secretly support these notions.

When a gay serviceman was booed at a GOP rally, there was little public outcry.

Might these latest instances convince the ‘small people’ that Republicans have evolved into elitist bigots?

It’s no surprise that you have zero percent of the Black vote.

After the disgusting & ignorant statements made by fellow candidates on rape, the women of this country are fleeing from you as from a plague.


The GOP platform pretends to be for non-intrusive government.

But has the audacity to try an legislate the most personal of freedoms, that of a woman to determine her health.

Your VP choice is on record as opposing abortion in cases of incest, rape & life of the Mother!

As very few women utilize Medicare for abortions, the impact is hardest on poor, mostly ‘minority’ women.

Is this not the height of hypocrisy?

How can you justify it?


You’ve sold me.

A vote for Romney is a vote for racism.

LuRain Penny




2 thoughts on “Romney & GOP Nativism :: An opinion by LuRain Penny

  1. Hi Guys;

    What this post is describing I see on many comment boards. People of both parties are guilty of these things. It is a disease affecting America and other countries.

    There are those who hate and show disrespect based not only on ignorance but out of a feeling that they are the only true people deserving of a voice and life. They consider themselves “chosen”, by who, I do not know.

    As an outsider looking in, I am disgusted with both the leader and challenger. Obama smiles, says one thing and does another. Romney is no different.

    In Canada, the head of the department who makes these decisions, a “Christian” decided that information derived from the use of torture is OK to be used by the RCMP, CSIS (same as CIA) and other law enforcement types.

    Funny, so many bible thumpers claim to worship and follow the Man from Galilee, but that is to tempt the suckers into their lair.

    Sorry to rant on, but to this old guy, it is getting to the point it is starting to smell like the 1930’s when the brown shirts in Germany were starting their power trip and we know what happened after that, don’t we?

    Yes, it can happen anywhere

  2. Voting is the choice between the lesser of Boll Weevils. The Left & Right suck off the same corporate tit. Until Homo Sapiens commit to a greater good, there will be no change.
    Thanks for your comment, Ichabod.
    I have the same foreboding.
    Love & Peace,

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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