The Great Gift :: Momo & Michael

A short time ago,  Twitter friend Julia Brown & I were given the most amazing gift.

Our mutual Tweet pal, Dr. Michael Ozaki chose to sponsor a kitty in our names at the most wonderful place.

His generosity is a testament to the kindness between virtual friends.

It introduced us to Momo, the blind kitty whose story touched our hearts.

And to the Home For Life Sanctuary®, where pets live out their lives in love & peace.

A little about Momo; he was discovered by children in Okinawa, Japan. Since he was
blind, he was taken to the local shelter where he was days away from being put to sleep.
He was rescued but no home was found for him. His health problems, which included
seizures, made it difficult for the foster parents to keep him. Fortunately, Home For Life
in Minnesota, USA was contacted & the rescue group flew him over on their own dime.
They deserve a big hug.

Once safe at the HFL sanctuary, Momo was cared for by the staff where he is
blossoming into a healthy, happy cat. When reading his bio, I was moved by how much he loves music.
A kitty after my own heart!

The Home For Life Sanctuary®,  is an inspiring place.

I quote from their home page –

Home For Life® is a new kind of animal shelter, the long-term animal sanctuary. We
provide life-time care for the special needs animal, the cat or dog who, while still able to
lead a quality life, is unable to find a home due to age, chronic treatable disorder,
handicap, or similar reason.

At Home for Life®, our animals are not offered for adoption.

Once an animal comes to us, it truly has a home for life.

Through our example, we hope to discourage an acceptance
of euthanasia for animals who can still live a quality life.

Just as apathy can become a way of life, so can empathy.

The example of empathy is furthered by our community outreach programs, such as Pet
Peace Corps. Sanctuary residents that have been rehabilitated after past rejection and
neglect are then able to give back. Through Pet Peace Corps, these animals work with
volunteers and staff to help people who themselves may have been overlooked: children
affected by domestic violence, at-risk teens, and the elderly.

True Humane Beings who deserve our recognition & support!

I encourage you to visit their website & look at the great work they are doing.

Consider giving them your help.

Either by donation or by passing their links along your social media stream.
100% of your contribution goes directly to the care and feeding of sanctuary residents.
Their administrative staff is composed entirely of volunteers. The cost for designing,
printing, and mailing their newsletter is underwritten by a single generous donor. The
web site and monthly e-newsletter are also volunteer endeavors.

When I asked Dr. Osaki what prompted him to sponser Momo in our names, this was his
When I find evil in the world I try to balance it by doing an act of good.
You expressed such distress and dismay by a story on some drivers who deliberately try
to hit animals. In your honor I donated a sponsorship of a blind kitten who had survived
against the odds. You and Momo have a good spirit, so you share a common bond.

When Michael tweeted his donation, it moved me to tears. Both Julie & I were stunned
by his goodness, though not surprised. As Julie told me:

He is always positive and kind. He is also informed. I think he was the nicest person on
Twitter. When Michael contributed to a charity in our honor we felt like new parents!

This whole experience renews my faith in people. The rescue of little Momo, the
heavenly sanctuary where so many animals are safe & living with the care they deserve,
the incredible kindness & generosity of Dr. Osaki & bonding of Julie & I as adoptive
moms; these small acts prove strangers united by Love create Miracle!

I thank Michael from the deepest part of my Heart for considering me worthy of this
wonderful gift and look forward to being part of Momo’s life.

Together there are no limits to what we can achieve. Trust & Believe.

Every act of kindness evolves the species & moves us closer to a Better World.

Let it start here, now & with us.




photos from Home For Life ®

artedup by codifyer


5 thoughts on “The Great Gift :: Momo & Michael

  1. Thanks to all who liked this post. Hope you all went to see the Home For Life Sanctuary. They are doing great work. Inspirational!
    Much Love,

  2. You can believe in a world of pain and cruelty, or you can see a world where “evil” is an opportunity to find what is good and true in you. As a young doctor I was discouraged by the amount of pain in the world. My duties seemed like sweeping back a tide of pain. Never ending, always losing, a futile process.
    It occurred to me that my calling was not to be a messiah that cured but to be a man that struggled to heal when I could and to comfort always. When there was a wrong in the world I tried to do a “right.” When the world seemed cruel, I sought to become kinder. It is such a small thing to do but it was all I could do. That struggle to do what is right and good is the way I try to find a meaning.
    In the case of a blind kitten alone in the world, death and sorrow in it’s future, I saw an enduring hope that all life is precious and worth the struggle. A blind kitten teaches me that I am better then pain and despair. A blind kitten lifts me up…
    So what better a person then LuRain and Julia to honor by doing my very small part in helping this cat. LuRain is a positive spirit that influences others simply by being a “good person.” Such a gift!

    Mother Theresa said “I do not do great things. I do small things with great love.”

    Lurain has found that path, I seek that path. To all that read this would you join us on that journey? I will tell you now if you good one small act of kindness for each wrong, we can make the world a better place.
    Michael Ozaki MD

  3. My dear friend, Your kind heart inspires us to carrying on in-spite of the turmoil & cruelty in this World. You will always be one of my Heroes.
    The very best in luck, love & health for you Darcy & the kitties.
    Much Love,
    LuRain & aza

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