30 Days to Being Humane by LuRain Penny


You can change your Life in 30 days.

Do you believe that?

I’m not talking weight loss, spots disappearing, or improving your golf game.

Though all those could be an outcome.

I advocating an alteration of the core, the center & heart of your being.

How to begin?

By living a pristine existence.

The definition of that word that applies here is having your original purity.


We was all born blameless & harmless.

The Material World soon begins to imprint our personalities.

All the etheric values we brought into Life with us fade as we harden into homo sapiens;

taught that nothing else has consciousness in the Universe.

Soon we are smashing bugs, terrorizing the puny & sacrificing everything for our convenience.

By the time we are ‘adult’, these behaviors are ingrained & entrenched.

They form the matrix of our relationships, our politics, our beliefs.


The affect on the species of this genetic propaganda has resulted in a history that should be an embarrassment to all.

But let us not dwell on ‘them’ any longer.

Design a new species.

By intent.


Starting tomorrow, I begin again something I have attempted for many years.

To live my original purity.

To be the person I truly am has been a life long pursuit.

I believe & know the code within me can be re-arranged by my Will.

Though I’ve failed in the past to make this happen completely, I’ve made significant progress.

Finally, I love who I am.

And have orphaned myself from the parent species.

But now I must transform.

Before it’s too late for me to do it in this existence.

Take so long to heal after you dead.



I’d be pleased if you followed along.

My postings this month will be instructions to myself.

Knowing you are reading them will give me courage & resolve.

And I hope might motivate you to become humane too.


There are no boundaries but the ones we make ourselves.

And no limits to what is achievable.

Optimism is the basis of all magic.






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Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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