30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #1

Instruction #1



Our Earth’s core has rotated in the same direction for millions of years.

There are signs that it is slowing, perhaps in preparation for a change in direction.

A sudden reversal could damage the mechanism and be fatal.

It is difficult to alter ones course instantly.

Except in an emergency when immediate action is required.

Changing habits are best done one at a time to give the being a chance to adapt.

Any alteration in an ingrained pattern is beneficial, no matter how small.

Giving new instruction time to create an imprint groove in the psyche encourages further growth.


Be Gentle.

Vibration attracts.

Intention directs.

Touch tenderly with full concentration.

Speak melodically & laugh lightly.

Smile from your Heart.

Make actions easy & considered.

Focus on Beauty;  sight, sound & fragrance.

Hear with your whole being.

Breathe deeply.






artwork by theCodifyer


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