30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #3

Instruction #3

 Be Response Able


 “The most important thing is to actually think about what you do. To become aware and actually think about the effect of what you do on the environment and on society. That’s key, and that underlies everything else.”

– Jane Goodall


My friends,

So many wonderful experiences have happened since I began this challenge.

Many words come to my Mind as instructions; honor, courage, dedication, tolerance.

Responsibility covers them all.

Unlike obligation which suggests outside pressure or demand, response ability is a choice of Love.

It means more than wiping the seat of a public lav after tinkling on it, or not taking someone’s last cookie.

The ability to respond is what makes the Humane Being different from the Homo Sapien; the person so wrapped up selfishness they don’t want to care about anything beyond them.

Utilizing gentleness & objectivity, it becomes a mode of relating, a code of ethic & advocacy.

Responsibility requires balance to make it a pure method of being.

If one picks up a burden heavier than can be carried, or gives too much without result, the fatigue & frustration involved can lead to bitterness or regret.

Be aware how much you can take on, how long you are able to bear the load, and whether or not your involvement interferes with another life path.

This is where objectivity becomes essential.

Recognize your own needs even in the service of others.


Respect for another’s way of Life must be considered when choosing a response able way of interacting.
No matter how righteous our opposition to the manner in which another has chosen to exist may be, it is presumptuous to assume we know better for them.

In fact, making folks conform ‘for their own good’ is the mantra of the politically & religiously intolerant.

Choosing a responsible life means having respect for every beings possessions, feelings & beliefs.

This does not suggest that we should not battle the hierarchies & dogmas which enslave & seek to control us.

What is does mean is that by being a living example of our beliefs, we will find new & novel ways of combating them other than the fighting & hating resorted to by Homo Sapiens, whose history has proved,  moves things along but always in the same direction.

Responsibility is a courageous act in itself.

Those who have dedicated themselves to help others, who champion the ‘lost cause’, who speak against oppression at the cost of their freedom or lives, inspire & challenge us to join in the battle against suffering, greed, bigotry or cruelty.

Whether taking personal responsibility in caring for a loved one, to tackling global issues, our participation is best when in harmony with our own nature.

If it is a commitment freely & joyfully made, accolade is appreciated but unnecessary.

Moreover, it is imperative to lay down a responsibility if it becomes deleterious.

Remember, this is your Life. Be true to yourself in all things.


The ability to respond determines our humanity.

It is a conscious choice.

Honor, respect, tolerance, patience & objectivity are tools for its application.

Public or private, responsibility is caring in action.

It is practiced best when in complete alignment with the Heart.


Thanks for your kind attention.

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5 thoughts on “30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #3

  1. Dear Friends, A brim with good news! So many wonderful things have happened. Both me & the Lady I live with, been on this month of good behavior. She’s says it has improved her driving, that she’s more alert & courteous than ever & that her awareness to the needs of others has grown exponentially.

    For me, the most stirring & loving conversations with strangers – telling them about being Humane in a way that meshes perfectly with the tone of our dialogue – be surprised how many folks out there are open to this & feel the urgency to change Homo Sapien behavior – young & old.

    The most important thing is how happy we feel. Walking about with a big smile & folks can’t help but smile back cuz we just beaming!

    Lately it has come to mind that some of our pals are struggling with health problems, Our joy not only increases the desire & energy to help them, but also gives us more empathy. Being objective doesn’t make one less sensitive to what is going on but more! Though it still makesus very sad, we are able immediately to see a way to help out to the best of our ability.

    Thank YOU! After so many years of trying this out on my own, committing myself to you was what made the difference.

    This isn’t just a 30 day involvement – this is a Life change.
    To become again what I was before ‘reality’ stepped in with it’s propaganda & prejudice.
    A little sprite who could see all the molecules dance.

    Much Love to you all!

  2. Wow, I am delighted to hear all of this…you made me happy.

    Truly we find happiness in service and extending love. Gratitude for helping to remind me of this life essential.

    Much love and continued happiness to you.

  3. You are an example of what it means to be caring & sharing, Barbara. Whereas I sit, you are out there doing good for everyone.
    You have my respect & admiration!

  4. Excellent, the way you have dissected, rearranged & explained response ability.. I look forward to each installment.

  5. Thank you Cindy, for your lovely comment.
    Your encouragement keeps me going.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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