30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #5 part 1

Instruction #5

Be Free to Feel


“Expressing yourself freely is the way to call for the reality you need.  Don’t question your feelings.  Give freedom the chance to work.

– Ceanne DeRohan



Thought is faster than the speed of Light.

Emotion is the sound wave that follows.

We can change our thinking easier than our feelings.


Because thinking is structure it can be re-arranged.

Feelings are fluid; subject to past conditioning & immediate circumstances.

That is why we call them gut reactions.

Suppressing or denying them is harmful to the being.

But we do it all the time.

Somebody cuts us off & we are offended, hurt & angry.

But we swallow this & go right on.

That stored energy creates a little hard lump we hide within us.

Enough of those & we no longer express honestly.

Or we begin to manifest physical illness.

Feelings must be felt, understood & either filtered out or brought into balance.


Homo Sapiens propaganda teaches that emotional freedom is dangerous.

They stress self-control & sublimation.

And yet the whole of society is set up to keep emotions running high.

Entertainment prides itself on scaring, shaming, thrilling & titillating.

Competition shows embarrass contestants for our amusement.

Most of prime time tv is programs about murder or apocalypse.

We watch critters being hunted & killed.

Re-runs of natural disasters.

And very little good is on the news.

Fear was originally an early warning system.

Now we press on it daily – until we are addicted to its use.

It is no wonder that Big Pharma can’t make anti-depressants fast enough?

Homo Sapien ‘civilization’ is built on mixed signal.

It keeps the populace distracted & off balance.


Feelings do not go away by mental dismissal.

Or by drugs or alcohol.

They must be felt.

The next instruction will explore ways of objectifying emotions & transforming them to work in our favor.

In the meantime, laugh & sing, my friends.

What have we got to lose?





artwork by codifyer



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