30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #5 part 2

Instruction #5 part 2

Be Fearless


A change of feeling is a change of Destiny.

– Wayne Dyer


Emotions prod, provoke, protect & prepare.

They also please & punish.

It is our use of them that determines their impact.

Fear is the root of the ‘hard’ emotions like anger, guilt & jealousy.

Fear of failure, of loss, of the unknown foster a host of reactions that effect our relationships & our health.

Many people live in a constant state of anxiety.

They worry over every detail; anticipating disaster more than success.

Much of this turmoil comes from past experiences & repeated behavior than has not progressed beyond the paralysis that fear begets.

Depression is too comfortable.

It blankets the Mind in a fog of inaction & denial.

The physical Body then has to hold all unresolved feelings & these manifest as illness.

It is not easy to do away with fear in this World where there is constant reminder.

We are what we focus on.


Release yourself from the grip of terror-mongering.

Pay less attention to the propaganda that constitutes our news & entertainment.

Be aware of how much you take in of toxic information.

Gently but firmly detach from people who encourage conflict rather than solution.

Do this without judgement against them.

Let them go their way while seeking a different path.

By being objectively observant, you will recognize such folks endeavor to trigger emotional reaction on their terms.

Don’t let them touch your buttons.

See yourself rise up as they grow smaller & further away.

Forgive them.

Minute by minute.

Move on.


Be responsive to attacks of panic.

Let your Body express in whatever way feels right without harming anything.

Unless you are in danger, the exercise is not to draw attention.

The Body has many ways of releasing; vomiting, pooping, sweating, etc.

Crying, laughing, singing, dancing & so on, is the Emotional Body’s way of  letting go.

Allow the energy to leave you – see it like a sticky dark smoke swirling out & disappearing .

Free your thoughts & pay attention to all that emerge.

Can you determine the source of discomfort?

Past conditioning? Things left undone that must be finished? Some crisis  being avoided?

What must you do to change your future?

Trust your instinct.

Let ingenuity give you the responsible answer.

Resolve to act upon it.

Breathe deeply until the fear subsides.


Begin anew.


Wrestle then rest, dearhearts, wrestle then rest.

Miracle is within our grasp.

Optimism is the basis of all Magic.





artwork by codifyer



Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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