Pawcircle for Nina & her beloved Mika

Our dear friend Nina has struggled through many difficulties to save her lovely kitty, Mika.

He has cancer.

She doesn’t have the money for further tests, as she only recently went through serious surgery herself.

Even his passing, cremation & preserving his ashes put her in financial peril.

Please, I ask you to send them both loving energy & if you have the means, donate to help her out.

The hardest part of being a pet parent is letting go of a beloved pal.

We have all been there.

The emotional toll is devastating.

Times is tough right now for most of us.

But it don’t cost nothing to be generous of spirit.

Let us come together to help this wonderful champion of animal rights find peace & love in her hour of need.

It is through the kindness we show each other we truly advance our World.

And ourselves.

Spend a moment reaching out to a stranger & uplift her heart.

 Visit her blog or send your regards via Twitter @Nanook396.

Together We Create Miracle.

This I believe.

Thank you,



photos by Nina

   arted up by Codifyer


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