Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared by LuRain Penny

Dear Friends,

In light of Hurricane Sandy, will get back to Being Humane posts later today.

First, I want to extend Heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the storm & aftermath.

May relief find you soon.

All of us who can help out are reaching toward you with assistance.

If we have the bucks, we’ll donate to food banks & emergency organizations.

Others will give blood.

Many of us who have little send you our prayers & good energy & will help you with whatever else we can do.

You are not alone.

We are all in this World together.


Sandy reminds us that Nature is Power.

She will not be impeded by our attempts to civilize her.

When the Mother wants to shake us out of our ignorance & apathy to the neglect & destruction with which we injure Her & our fellow Beings, She will lay waste to all our plans & premises.

Even now around the Earth, Nature is in revolt over the callous way we regard Her bounty.

She is clearing Herself of imbalance.

Critters we don’t deserve are taking leave, maybe never to return.

The ground beneath our feet shifts & re-positions.

The poisons we dump in our Oceans, in our Air & on our Land are building up inside us.

Homo Sapiens have sacrificed EVERYTHING for their convenience.

Nature can no longer tolerate the insult.

Time to pay.

 Only fools ignore the signs.

Let them.

Get ready.


Teach your children to do without the technology they have been brought up on.

To be resourceful & inventive.

How to change a tire, darn socks, build a shelter, plant a garden & make fire.

(If you don’t know, ask someone.)

If is it done in the spirit of adventure, our kids will be more assured of  the process.

Encourage their ideas & listen to them.

They are the future.

How it plays out will depend on their ability to make do & mend.

Don’t let your children feel your worry.

It will not help them.

Instead, transmit to them your unwavering support & trust in their judgement.

Let them believe in you too.

Be consistent, compassionate & caring in word & deed.

Your Love for them is more powerful than your fears.

Be a Hero.


One day thinking about the Planet will be the only thing we do.

Let it start here.


With us.




Be Aware.

Love & Hugs,




artwork by codifyer



Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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