Say No to GMO, Fight On!


One more post then back to my Humane Being series.

Congratulations to President Obama & all the others who fought hard & won last night.

I only wish that the money we don’t seem to have, used to run the elections, was available for a more community purpose.

Regret that Monsanto & BigPharma defeated the first initiative to force them to identify their GMO products.

They ran a campaign of fear, intimidation & mis-information.

Take this quote from their camp:

“We said from the beginning that the more voters learned about Prop. 37, the less they would like it,” said Kathy Fairbanks, a spokeswoman for the opposition. “We didn’t think they would like the lawsuits, more bureaucracy, higher costs, loopholes and exemptions. It looks like they don’t.”

The only reason for such obstruction would be because BigPharma would have fought on & made the labeling law a nightmare for legislators & consumers.

As it is, most people will remain in the dark as to the hazards & consequences of growing & consuming genetically modified foods so more & more companies will continue to add them surreptitiously to pet foods, baby foods, drugs, supplements & so on without impunity.

Those of us passionate about our right to know what is in our bodies & on our plates, must not give up this battle.

It is time to unify to educate the public & businesses about the plot against food & animal safety.

We must do this consistently, calmly & elegantly.

To begin with, don’t buy any of the top GMO foods & present the facts to your friends & family.

Read labels to all process products to make sure the contain only certifiable organic or non-GMO ingredients.

When in doubt, pass it up.

Let Whole Foods, Traders Joes & others food stores & producers know of your preferences for non-GMO & organic items.

Save organic seeds, before the gene pool of the future is owned by BigPharma.

Grow as much of your own food as possible.

Swap & share with like minded friends.

Even the poorest of us can grow sprouts in a jar on the kitchen counter.

Use t-shirts, bumperstickers & other forms of communication to get your point across.

Always be respectful.

You change more minds with honey than vinegar.

Massage the Message.




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artwork by codifyer



4 thoughts on “Say No to GMO, Fight On!

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am deeply saddened that the GMO labeling bill failed. The best action we can all take is to vote with our dollars and demand non GMO products.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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