30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #5 part 3

Instruction #5  part 3

Be Harmless & Blameless


When we consider the force of our words & deeds, public & private, on everybody as more important than our agenda no matter how righteous, we will truly begin to change Human nature.

– LuRain Penny



A few more words on emotions before we move forward.

Feelings cannot be ‘controlled’ the way that thinking can be re-ordered.

Thoughts are the inner & outer limits of  the Mind.

We’ve all had hypnagagic ‘thinks’ before sleeping that seem to come from nowhere.

They are mysterious & can at times be disturbing.

The imagination running free & wildly.

Emotions are spontaneous reactions.

Boo! and we jump.


Feelings are fluid.

One can swiftly move from fright to anger, surprise to admiration, love to empathy.

While it is possible to think before acting or speaking, it is nigh impossible to think before feeling.

Thus, objectifying emotions is critical to becoming Humane.

Why is it we feel guilty before we’ve even tasted the cake?

Because of past conditioning & social pressure.

How can we transform our feelings without denying them?

By considering after the initial feeling where it comes from & determining whether or not it is justified.

 If one is diabetic or allergic, perhaps cake it not the best choice.

In this case, guilt is an alert.

If we have taken the cake without permission, guilt is a gate.

No point in going through it if it the pleasure of eating is diminished.


When one endeavors to live in original purity, it is easier to assess reactions by bringing intention into the gap between thinking & feeling.

Was watching a PBS program about the Brain; apparently synapses fire in contradiction to each other and put out chemicals to suppress the others action.

No wonder we get confused!

This, scientists think, is to help the decision-making process.

But my logic tells me the way to drive a mind crazy is to put it in a barrel & tell it to piss in the corner.


Knowing that such mechanisms can be over-ridden by intention is fundamental to moving forward as a Humane Being.

What is vital is to choose a correct response without residual guilt.

How to do that?

By being harmless & blameless to the best of our ability.

By acting without over-riding the integrity & safety of anything else, including ourselves.

With practice, it is possible to quickly determine the appropriate response in any situation.

This does not mean to bury feelings, because the right response might be to express them immediately & honestly.

Choose the manner which can be best accepted by all concerned.

Then you can have your cake & enjoy it.




artwork by thecodifyer.com


Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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