30 Days to Being Humane :: Instruction #7

Instruction #7*


Be Lucky

Optimism does not just expect Miracles, It creates them – LuRain Penny


Luck can be cultivated. Optimism + observation = opportunity.

My Granma Pen used to call being lucky a ‘knack’. Knacks are abilities. They can be learned & improved to high levels of proficiency. The ability to increase ones fortune (& I not talking about money here), depends of State of Mind.

Luck is defined as a ‘chance happening’. Chance is “the element viewed as the cause of events”. An Element is a force, energy, power. Harness it & you’ll ride it to success.

Awareness makes the most of fortuitous circumstance. Trust your instincts. They come from the reptilian brain & are there to alert you to ‘coming attractions’ positive & negative. Pay attention. With practice, you can develop foresight & avoid hazards easily.


Be wary of people whose ‘vibe’ makes them candidates for misfortune lest you be caught in their sphere of influence. Folks who are thoughtless, oblivious, & self – obsessed are cultivators of misery. They are in frequent error, danger & constantly beset with problems, which they complain about often & to everyone. Bad Luck has become a habit. Since the rut is dug deep, unless concerted effort is made, they ain’t likely to change. You can sympathize, but don’t allow them to suck you in.

Life is always against the chronically unlucky & even miracle will not change their way of thinking.


Collect around you symbols of Luck to help your Mind associate & affirm your position in the flow. Then look for them to show up indicating Right Time Right Place. The Lady I live with finds lucky pennies (like Me!) She considers them a crumb trail showing her she’s on the right path. She even found one on a tree stump in the middle of the woods!

When synchronicities surround, it means you are in the wrap of beneficial energy.

Share good tidings. Spreading fortune increases its power. It goes out, comes back & goes out again.

By Nature, Energy vibrates. Trap it & it becomes inert.

See every moment of peace & safety as Lucky in this World. Be grateful. Delight in happy accidents & tiny miracles enliven the spirit.

Manifest Beauty within & without. Let your eye fall on what you love often. Be in awe.

Believe you are lucky & it will be so.

Love you,




*we deliberately skipped #6 because 7 is a lucky number ;-))

artwork by codifyer



Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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