PawCircle for Joey – Update


March 16, 2013

Joey passed away.

In his loving Mom & Dad’s arms.

He is much missed by many friends and his little sister, Ripley.

Regards to all who love & took delight in his sweetness & joy of living.

Courage in this time of loss.

He is in Dog Heaven with his best buddy, our Cody – we have no doubt.

Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Arms around the World, dearhearts.

Make it feel better.





Dear Friends!

Please send healing energy to Joey, who is very ill.

Results from tests are not conclusive yet.

We’ll let you know when we get more info.

Joey was our beloved Cody’s very best pal.

He is a wonderful boy of generous nature & sweetness.

His people are worried & need our good vibes.

Thank you for helping.

Every act of kindness & caring evolve the species & create a Better World.

Much Love,




12 thoughts on “PawCircle for Joey – Update

  1. Much love, light and tons of positive thoughts being sent your way. ~♥~ Hope all turns out well!

  2. Thanks Gabi. We know how his Mom feels. He was the very best friend to Cody when he was alive.
    His Mom knows what we went through.
    All very sad, glad we got to see him before we left.

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