To All Those Who Suffer by LuRain Penny


Oh my dear friend,

So sorry from my heart.
Know exactly what you feeling.

Life ain’t never been fair.

Wrestle then rest is the best advice I can give.
Take breaks from worry & grief to love yourself up as many times a day as you can.
Walk briskly, eat well.  Breathe deeply of roses. Focus on beauty & flood your senses with it.
 Use this transitional moment to your advantage. Repair & replace loss by mindful activity.
Weigh all your options. Organize & visualize like crazy, rev the energy propeller!
Stay in motion.
Life’s a bitch & then you start over.
If you had 5 mins to live, where do you want to be?
Go there.
No matter what it takes.
Despair can pull you under.
Depression is soooo comfortable.
Ain’t easy to keep afloat when one is paralyzed by doubt.
But swim we must.
Might as well enjoy the experience!
Remember how free you feel during moments of absolute certainty?
A fragile bubble buoyed on the skin of the Great Sea.
A trust one knows as an anchor of the empathetic chord which connects us to Source.
Believe that link.
You are capable of Miracle.
Don’t let no one tell you different.
Maintenance is the hardest part for everybody.
Wrestle & rest.
Please keep in touch.
We’ll help each other hang on.
As God whispered to Julian of Norwich,
All will be well. And All will be Well. All Manner of Things Will Be WELL!
You are a terrific person, a true HUMANE BEING.
We love you & put our arms around you.
LuRain, aza & IndigoBlack
artwork by codifyer

One thought on “To All Those Who Suffer by LuRain Penny

  1. A friend sent me to your website. I’m glad he did. Very powerful and heart opening wisdom here. Thank you for creating this blog and sharing it.
    I’ll be back!

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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