30 Days to Being Humane by LuRain Penny :: Instruction #8

Prom on a cloudy day

Instruction #8

Be Forgiving

Sometimes forgiveness means never having to see that person again.  – LuRain Penny 



There are some acts in this World that are unforgivable.

Maybe they are Absolved by the Source.

But we mortals still struggle with them.

Our Earth is in great pain.

The suffering is more than Loving Hearts can bear.

That it has always been so is not a good excuse to me.

I expected a higher evolution of the species by these days.

Life’s a bitch.

We live in a Civilization where communication is instant, redundant & often.

We’re too close & we know too much.

Our senses, emotions & minds buffeted by a tsunami of information & sensation.

One must learn to ride big water.

It’s so easy to get swept away.

We are what we  focus on.

Life ain’t never been fair.

Shit happens.

Every body hurts.


Forgiveness cleans the spirit.

Transforming the forgiver.

Regardless of any residual of effect on the opposite side.

Spares the injured from further injury.


Easy? No.

Not impossible either.

Let go of malice with good will.



Breathe out.


Forgiving injustice don’t alter the facts.

What it transforms is you.

Less shadow. More Light.








artwork by codifyer