Please Help our friend Nina! – Auction & Prayercircle


Dear Friends,

Our Twitter buddy, Nina @Nanook396 is going through a tough time.

She was recently in a bad bus accident.
The bus she was riding on had to take evasive action to avoid a car, due to that Nina was thrown to the floor and hit her head. Hard.
She is diagnosed with Craniocerebral Trauma (CCT).
As a result, she is suffering memory, concentration and psycho-motor problems as well as pain due to a sprained neck, back, and hamstring.
She was in the final stages of job interviews that she had a good chance at, well paying full-time jobs.
Now she can’t travel to continue the interview process nor will they giver her an extension.
She needs our help.
She is in need of some funds to help to get food for her kitty Little Nanoo and to help keep her apartment.
She is filing a claim to get compensated for loss of wages but so far having no luck.
We are holding an AUCTION to raise funds for Nina and Little Nanoo.
Please click on the Auction Items tab above.
 100% of the proceeds for these items will go to Nina.
If you would like to donate directly to Nina, please see the YouCaring widget on the right bar on the auction page.
Also, please put your loving energy to her being relieved of pain & worry.
We can do this for each other.
Don’t need to believe in anything but your good intentions.
Care. Share. Be Aware.
This is how we will heal the World.
One being at a time.
Best get moving, there’s much need out there.
Together we create Miracle.

Thank you.

Love to all who suffer.
You ain’t alone, dearhearts.
Trust & Believe.

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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