#Pawcircle for Mandy :: LuRain asks for help

Pawcircle for Mandy


This is Mandy.

She is a 10 year old Bichon Havanese.

Mandy has an Angiosarcoma, pleural effusion.

 She is home with her Mom, Susana.

Please give them both the benefit of your healing energy.

Wrap them in fast threads of Love.

Send them Courage to face the future.

See them sharing these last precious moments without pain & in complete Peace.

Every individual act of Kindness evolves the whole species.

Reach out to these sweet strangers.

They need your help.

Together we create Miracle.

Many Thanks,



 photo of Mandy by her Mom, Susana


3 thoughts on “#Pawcircle for Mandy :: LuRain asks for help

  1. Many hugs to Mandy and Susana. It is so tough on us humans when our fur babies get older. I’m sure Mandy has appreciated every ounce of love that you’ve given her and continue to give her. Love is not measured by the amount of time we share, but more how we share it. I wish peace for both of you. Sending light and hugs!

  2. Having lost many pets over the course of years, I know this sadness. May Mandy & her Mom share much Love in these days.
    Safe in the Heart Pocket for ever. aza

Let me know what you thinking. Love, LuRain xx

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